Make-up remover milk with sweet almond oil


h in sweet almond oil, Ylaé 100% natural and certified organic make-up remover milk effectively removes impurities and all traces of make-up, even waterproof. Thanks to rose water and aloe vera it gently cleanses all types of skin, even the most sensitive.
Volume: 150 ml
french organic label


The Flagship Ingredients:

sweet almond ingredients
Organic sweet almond oil

extracted from almond seeds and known for its soothing action on sensitive skin it helps to remove make-up and cleanse the skin.

rosewater ingredient
Organic rose water

astringent and tensor, this hydrolat is essential to prevent and fight against skin aging. It purifies, refreshes and softens the skin while calming irritation and redness.

Organic blueberry water

known for its soothing and restorative virtues on tired or irritated eyes. It brings sweetness to this make-up remover milk especially for the eyes.